The Villa Jungmann has more than 400m² floor space, consisting of

  • 6 double bedrooms
  • 1 room with French double bed
  • 1 mattress room with 4 beds
  • 6 bathrooms
  • 1 kitchen
  • 2 verandas
  • 1 library
  • 1 parlour room/dining room
  • and various ancillary rooms

A very special quality of the house is that it can accommodate 17 persons, while ensuring that every guest has enough room for him- or herself. With its generous parlour room, the library and the two verandas, it offers four different areas to relax. This makes it possible for guests to listen to music, play cards or have a conversation, while other guests can read, watch television or simply relax elsewhere at the same time.

During the renovation, we placed great value on the sensitive handling of the historic structure of the building. That is why, wherever it was possible, the original floors and windows are preserved. We have equipped and decorated the entire house according to our own wishes and standards, because we like to live there ourselves as well as rent it out. That is why the careful handling of the house by the tenants is very important to us.

The house includes the following:

Bed linen

The bed linen was specially made out of linen and sateen. All beds have mattresses, duvets and cushions made out of purely natural materials. On your arrival, the beds will be freshly made for you.


For each bed, a set of towels (hand towel, bath towel, beach towel) will be provided for you in your room.

Indoor games

Cards, dice, chess, backgammon, roulette, different board and parlour games, the legendary Zopp (an Austrian table football game) are available for rainy days or evenings by the fireplace.


All bathrooms are equipped with a generous shower or bathtub (in some cases even both), in-floor heating, mostly 2 washbasins and hand towel dryers.


Spread out through the library and the rooms, you will find a selection of books that we have inherited from the previous owners or brought ourselves or that were left behind by guests.


Over the years, a number of DVDs have accumulated in the library that you are free to use.

Flatscreen TV with home cinema system and satellite reception

The library is the only room with a TV. The flatscreen TV, the satellite receiver and the home cinema system make ir possible to watch numerous programs with highest quality picture and sound. If you want to bring your own TV set and watch TV in your room, you will find an antenna jack in every bedroom.

PC, printer and Internet

In the library there is a desktop PC (Windows) with printer, scanner and ADSL Internet installed.

W-LAN in the entire house

Every room features excellent W-LAN reception. If you prefer a cable connection for the Internet, you can plug your laptop computer into the corresponding Internet outlet in every room.

HiFi system

In the parlour room, there is a HiFi system and a small collection of CDs. You can also play music from iPods, iPhones, iPads or USB sticks on the system by using its USB connection.


The fireplace heats the staircase and parlour room and generates a cosy atmosphere. An unlimited amount of firewood is available for the fireplace.


Since we also live in the house ourselves and often have many guests, the kitchen is very well-equipped. There are two refrigerators (one with a freezer section), two ovens, a large induction glass ceramic stove and a dishwasher, other kitchen appliances, pots and pans etc. Everything is equipped so that it is not a problem to cook for 30 persons and to create a festive meal etc.

Dishes, cutlery, glasses

Is present in the finest quality for 30 persons.

Dining table

There is a veranda table for 8 persons, one table in the breakfast corner for 8 persons and a main dining table for up to 14 persons. All tables can be arranged one next to the other to make a long table for up to 30 persons.


The 3,500 m2 garden with historic trees, fruit and nut trees, redcurrant, raspberry and blackberry bushes can be used without limitations and is quite sunny from morning until evening.

Garden furniture

Recliners, dining table, seats and sunshades are available.

Beach mats

Almost the entire lake is open to the public. Especially the river bank opposite the town of Altaussee is perfectly suitable for bathing on the non-stop gravel beach. Several beach mats and the colourful sauna towels are suitable for this.


In the shed, there is a collection of bicycles, including many children’s bicycles.

Outdoor games

A weather-proof ping pong table with may paddles, badminton, speedminton and various balls are there to be used by you.

Sledding and bobsledding

All around the house, there are many steep fields that are perfectly suitable for sledding, bobsledding, building ski-jumps etc. Our sleds and bobsleds are there for your use.


The house is heated 100% ecologically and sustainably with geothermal energy. All rooms feature baseboard heaters, and the bathrooms feature in-floor heating. The heating units are laid out in such a way that the entire house will be pleasantly warm. The heating units on the verandas are designed in such a way that they can be used without limitation in the transition period and during sunshine in winter. If it is cold, covered and windy, then the verandas will not reach a living room temperature!


For smaller children, a crib and a playpen are available.

Booster seat

A booster seat is available in the dining room.

Map of trails

There are maps of walking trails available for the entire region.

Tour guide and climbing atlas

All tour guides (especially for ski tours) for the region are present.


Tools for small repairs are present.

Parking spaces

4 cars can easily be parked in front of the house.


In the lower veranda, it is possible to comfortably lounge in a hammock.

Washing machine

A washing machine is available in the utility room.

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